300km for a Compostella

Martinette Martinette 13/12/2022 News

300km for a Compostella. Since some years there is an ongoing discussion to extend the required distance to obtain the Compostella from 100km. to 300km. According to La Fraternidad Internacional del Camino de Santiago (FICS) the pressure on the last 100 km. on the camino Frances is so extreme that measures are needed.

Albergues, hostels and hotels are needed to be booked far in advance to be sure about a place to sleep. This conflicts with the original spirit of the camino in which planning and scheduling is not a needed part of walking the camino.

The idea of extending the required distance to 300 kilometer is generally received positive although some doubts are in place especially for disabled people and no decisions are made as of today. The original idea of the FICS was released in 2016 but has now become actual with the overwhelming numbers of pilgrims and tourists starting from Sarria.

Of course we will follow the discussion and keep you informed as this is an mayor change in receiving the Compostella. Having questions about this topic or any other question for Albergue Villares de Orbigo, please contact us!