Update covid limitations Spain.

Martinette Martinette 02/04/2021 News

from the heart of the Camino Frances we share an update about the current Covid situation in Spain and the limitations. We own an Albergue so we have a clear view on the situation.

It is important to keep an eye on the date of May 9th. 2021 as the state of emergency will end then. But don’t cheer too quickly as there is a chance that this state of emergency with all it’s limitations will be extended. On the other side there are also reasons to believe that limitations will be partly released as the Spanish economy suffers from the ongoing state of emergency.

As you might know the internal borders between the Spanish regions are closed, well not closed in the literal sense but police can check people why they cross the border and without a valid reason a penalty will be imposed. And sadly to mention that walking the camino does not count as a valid reason.

We hope that from May 9th. 2021 the internal borders will be opened and that it will be possible to travel to Spain. Keep in mind that a proof of vaccination and/or negative PCR test will be obligated. Disclaimer this is what we hope and not officially announced yet. We advise to keep following the information from the Spanish health authorities at https://www.spth.gob.es/.

In the meantime we will post updates on our website https://alberguevillaresdeorbigo.com https://instagram.com/alberguevillaresdeorbigo/ or https://facebook.com/albergue.villaresdeorbigo and please feel free to ask your questions to us!