Camino del Vino. Part 5 Bierzo

MartinetteMartinette 05/02/2022 News

Camino del vino Bierzo: Walking the Camino is not only a religious, sportive or spiritual experience, it is also a good opportunity to get acquainted with Spain in terms of food and drinks. Merel has a passion for wine, is a member of a wine society and regularly writes about wine and her

Open Albergues in the winter

MartinetteMartinette 05/11/2021 News

As most of the albergues are closed in the winter season some of them stay open. Lourdes Luch maintains a list of open albergues in the winter on the camino Frances. As always during the Covid-19 pandemic please contact the albergue of your choice in advance to be secured that they are open and not

Albergue Casa Flor

MartinetteMartinette 28/06/2021 News

When you have arrived in Albergue Villares de Orbigo and prepare your next stage we can recommend to schedule your stay at Albergue Casa Flor which is 22km away from Villares de Orbigo. Albergue Casa Flor is owned by Ingo and Monika from Germany who have walked the camino themselves and knows with

Wine Spain

Wine Spain

MartinetteMartinette 31/05/2021 News

Our wine branch is starting to end well and hopefully we can produce a bottle of wine from our own grapes in September 🙂

Arrival in Astorga

MartinetteMartinette 13/04/2021 News

Anyone who has walked the Camino Frances and started before Astorga will recognize this pedestrian bridge as one of the last obstacles before reaching Astorga.

This is followed by a steep climb before you reach the beautiful center of Astorga and have a great view of the surroundings.

Camino de Santiago

MartinetteMartinette 11/03/2021 News

This is a magical spot in the camino de Santiago where the path changes it color from brown to red. It is just outside Villares de Orbigo when you are heading for Astorga.


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From 6am we serve breakfast in our bar. No better start of your stage then a nice breakfast.

Hospital de Orbigo

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When you arrive in Hospital de Orbigo do not make the mistake on the junction to take the track along the highway to Astorga. It is 20km boring and there are no facilities until Astorga. You will miss one of the most beautiful tracks of the camino. Instead head for Villares de Orbigo, this is the